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National Surveyors’ Conference 2013 – Network in Niagara!

The Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS) and Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) are proud to announce that the ninth National Surveyor’s Conference will be held from June 18 to 21, 2013 in the beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario at the Crowne Plaza Hotel! The annual golf tournament will be held on June 18 at the Thundering Waters Golf Course with a stunning view of the falls.

To open our Conference we are lucky to have keynote speaker Summer Mortimer, a Para-Olympian swimmer who won four medals at the London 2012 Games! Summer will share with us her life experience which is an inspiring story of courage and determination.

We have put together an exciting program, which includes:

HDS and Mobile LiDAR

This seminar is designed to talk about High Definition Scanning and Mobile LiDAR and the technology used in both in practical terms including the project planning, the setting of survey control, the point cloud data collection and the subsequent data modelling.

Recruiting the Best and Brightest”, facilitated by Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC)

An interactive workshop for the surveying profession. The workshop will include presentations by each of the panellists, panel discussion on specific topics, interactive discussion with workshop participants, documented proceedings that will pave the way for future work by Professional Surveyors Canada in conjunction with the licencing bodies in Canada.

Third module of Getting it Right

  • Preparing for Field Work
  • In the Field
  • Documenting the Results in the Field
  • Back at the Office

The two first modules are available on the GeoEd Distance Learning postal at: www.geoed.ca

The Role of the Canada Lands Surveyor in Marine Surveys

  • The role of CLSs in marine surveys in the offshore, the inshore and inland waters
  • The equipment and techniques that CLSs use in marine surveys
  • How do we get it right?

Surveying on Parks Canada Lands

  • What are Parks Canada Lands?
  • Legislation, Regulations, Administration and Policies
  • Requirements for Surveys on Parks Canada Lands
  • Survey and Title issues
  • Surveys Projects
  • Rouge National Urban Park

Search for the Franklin Expedition

Andrew Leyzack, CLS will present his story on last summer’s search for the lost ships of Sir John Franklin’s 1845 mission, a vast project involving various government agencies and private industry focused on finding the “Erebus” and the “Terror” in the waters off King William Island in Nunavut.

There will also be an exciting accompanying persons program that will explore Niagara Falls and surrounding area, including a wine tour and Niagara-on-the-Lake!

The Conference will end with a Gala dinner on June 21, where we will be presenting new commissions and the David Thompson Awards, celebrating excellence in the field of geomatics! For more information on the David Thompson Awards, please see here: http://www.acls-aatc.ca/en/node/27 .

For more information about the program and to register, please see here: http://www.acls-aatc.ca/en/node/5910



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