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June Seo: Geomatics Engineering Student at NAIT & GoGeomatics Edmonton Group Leader

GoGeomatics Canada is pleased to introduce June Seo to the community. She is one of the great new group leaders of our Edmonton GoGeomatics socials.  In this article she shares with us her experience as a geomatics student at NAIT.

June Seo: I hope all GoGeomatics readers had a great holiday season with their family and friends. My name is June Seo, and I am a co-organizer at GoGeomatics Edmonton. I would like to share my experience as a Geomatics Engineering Technology student at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

I started to study Geomatics in September 2015, and I am really enjoying the courses that I have been taking.

I have studied geometry, mathematics, physics, effective communication, AutoCAD, field surveying, project management and survey calculation that apply to actual work related to the field of geomatics. Later on, when I become a project manager, these skills will be very useful to me in the Canadian geomatics industry.June Seo

I really enjoy measuring the angle, elevation, dimension and distance for a site survey.  In addition I make an AutoCAD map based on the information I have measured myself or with crew members. I really love this type of work because I am involved in every step of the process.

Several experiences with field surveying have taught me how to survive the harsh winter temperatures. The survey field work needs to be done regardless of weather. I have acquired the knowledge of how to correctly record data, and use electronic surveying equipment properly. Sometimes winter weather makes the work hard, but there are also many advantages of doing field work at this time of year. Last December, I was performing coordinate observations for a site survey of the area surrounding a pond at Rundle Park. While I was working with Leica TS11 total station, coyotes, which I had never seen before, were passing behind me. Seeing wildlife could be frightening for some people, but they can give surveyors a moment of delight.

I also would like to share the experiences I have had with GoGeomatics Edmonton. I attended my first GoGeomatics social in Edmonton last September. I met many professionals working in many different geomatics fields such as geographic information systems (GIS), mapping, forest GIS, and remote sensing. They shared their work experiences, and were willing to answer all my questions. It was very beneficial to me, because I aquired knowledge in areas that I had not studied yet. The GoGeomatics Edmonton socials have had a  geomatics talk almost every month. Last October, there was a presenter who gave us a brief presentation of the Alberta Forest Management Branch’s airborne LiDAR initiative. This niche topic has provided better understanding and knowledge of Alberta forest management.

I am currently seeking a summer job opportunity as a survey assistant, or any relevant temporary job related to geomatics in Alberta. I am especially interested in working in the City of Edmonton, which is growing very fast. I believe there are several geomatics companies that are constantly developing new projects, and providing great employment opportunities.  I would like to learn about any unusual areas of geomatics to help my future career. My long-term goal is to become a qualified Alberta Land Surveyor.

Being involved in the project from the beginning to the end is very important to develop my skills in the geomatics field. Every day, I am attending school classes and gaining knowledge. This will give me a variety of employment opportunities and career choices.

Thank you very much for your time and if you’re in Edmonton I hope to see you at the next GoGeomatics Edmonton Social.

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